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Barron Fan Technology Inc - The best in Air Systems Design - Fabrication & Repair.
Custom Built Heavy Duty FanCustom Built Fans Custom designed & fabricated heavy duty industrial fans, blowers, exhausters to 1,000,000 CFM.
Each fan is designed individually for your application
Process Fan Repair/RebuildQualityrepairs & services in the shop or the field
Rebuild fans in shop to original or improved performance.
On site analysis, repairs & emergency call out services 24/7.
Custom Industrial Dampers Custom built dampers for heavy industry
Custom fabricated multi louver, Guillotine, butterfly, vortex dampers for heavy industry, such as cement, paper, steel, CPI, etc.
Custom Expansion Joints Expansion Joints
Custom built for heavy duty ducting applications. Fabricated from fabric, rubber or metal bellows.
Kiln Seals & Kiln Leaves Custom built dampers for heavy industry
Standard and Inverted Seals for zero leakage sealing. Industry Leading Kiln Seal Leaves.
Multiclone Dust Collectorsmulticlone dust collectors
Design and fabricate Multi-clone mechanical dust collectors for your application.
Field Services & Installations
Field Services / Installations

Complete on-site analysis installation & repair of industrial air systems & their components. Emergency field repair 24/7 services nationwide.

Barron Fan Technology, Inc. designs and fabricates custom process fans, dampers, expansion joints, ducts, kiln seals and mechanical dust collectors for each customer's applications.
We can also fabricate other process components, tanks, ducts dump valves and more..

Call us for repair of existing fans, dampers, expansion joints, kiln seals or other air system components. We will analyze your current components for wear and rebuild as original or provide suggestions for improving equipment wear.

Our field service crews are ready for plant shut-down maintenance or emergency repairs whenever and wherever needed, nationwide.

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