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Kiln Seals and Kiln Leaves

Kiln Seal

Our kiln seals are designed to reduce your energy consumption and increase your process throughput. Our overlapping leaf seal designs successfully address the three major factors that cause premature seal failure:

Radial Run-Out of shell at hood due to deformation of shell/cowl surface.
Axial Growth or position change of shell due to thermal expansion, load changes and thrust bearing/tire wear or adjustment.
Abrasion of shell or seal components due to accumulation of spillage material from the end hood.

Using a Barron Fan Technology Solution eliminates the effect of radial run-out of the shell or cowl by the installation of a quadrant ring and seal riding plate. The riding plate becomes the actual sealing surface (the contact area of the pressure leaves) and is designed to be parallel to the kiln axis as determined by the tire and trunions. The seal leaves readily accept axial movement of the riding band. Material accumulation in the hood is contained in the spill hopper and removed before it can interfere with the contact of the pressure leaves to the seal riding plate.

Although the standard and inverted seals, developed by our company, are the most popular designs on the market today, we also have a number of custom designs in service. The custom designs include two stage seals, with purged cavities for zero leakage to the atmosphere, as well as a flex-mount design for kilns with extremely tight hood clearances. We are constantly developing new ideas and designs to meet customers needs for the very best kiln seals.

Kiln Seal Replacement Leaves
Special Dura Flex Alloy: Hardened & Tempered For Long Service Life:

Leaves and Repair Parts Kiln Seal Leaves

  • Multiple Alloys
  • Varied Shapes and Sizes
  • Clockwise and Counter Clockwise Rotation
  • Standard Kiln Leaves - Multiple sizes
  • Puller Kiln Leaves
  • Reinforced Leaves
  • Custom Short Kiln Leaves
  • Custom Assorted Leaf

Field Service Engineers:
Qualified personnel are available to inspect your kiln seal and make required repairs and adjustments to ensure seal integrity.



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